What are the best sizes for Facebook videos?



After a lot of research and consideration, you are finally wise enough to choose Facebook to develop your online marketing strategies.

Why not, when Social media posts which have videos included boost views by 48%.

Facebook also reported that 75 million people visit Facebook Watch every day.

However, you are confused about different Facebook video formats, and you’re not sure how long or which size your video should be.

But the good news is, this article will reveal all requirements, get rid of all the difficulties you face regarding the Facebook video formats.

Let’s get started!

Specs for feed videos (Organic+Ads)

You don’t already know much about the standard Facebook feed video. This is what keeps us scrolling for longer than we planned, especially when videos auto-plays on your feed by default.

This might be the most flexible format on Facebook. You should test many styles until you find those which work best for your unique audience and brand. This is good news.

Important specs

Required length: At least 1 second minimum, and 240 minutes maximum

Required dimensions: 16:9 to 9:16 (from full landscape to full portrait). It’s 600 pixels minimum width, and the length depends on the aspect ratio.

Suggested video length: Yes, the video feed on Facebook can last up to 4 hours. But remember that users will continue to scroll the moment they lose focus. Therefore, your video should last between 15 seconds and 1 minute to convey the message.

Suggested video dimensions: Facebook recommends 4:5 aspect ratio for videos on feed because it helps capture attention by covering the largest possible screen.

Vertical videos with aspect ratios taller than 4:5 are masked to 4:5.

Suggested video format: Go for .MP4 or .MOV.

File size:

Your video file can be up to 4GB and approximately 30 frames per second.


You can type up to 2200 characters for the caption.

If it’s a video ad with a link, the limit for the headline is 25 characters, and the limit for the description is 30 characters.

What are the best sizes for Facebook videos?

75 million people visit Facebook Watch every day

Specs for Stories (Organic + Ads)

Facebook lets you create short pictures and/or videos after 24 hours. This allows you to share organic, real-life updates such as behind-the-scenes videos without worrying about production quality.

With your phone’s camera in the app, you can directly create Facebook Stories, or upload a video that you recorded and edited before.

Important specs

Required video length: 1-second minimum, 120 second maximum

Required dimensions: 1.91:1 – 9:16 (from full landscape to full portrait), 500 x 500 minimum dimension.

Although you can upload videos of almost any aspect ratio, anything but a full portrait video (9:16) will shrink your video and add unused space (colored gradient bars).

Recommended dimensions: Of course, it’s 9:16. It helps you to use every inch of the screen fully.

Recommended format: .MP4 or .MOV.

File size:

Your video file may be up to 4GB and approximately 30 frames per second anywhere.

Consider leaving approximately 14% of the top and bottom of the video for a profile icon and a call for action.

Specs for cover videos

Instead of using an image on the Facebook page cover, you should try a cover video. Anyone landing on your Facebook page and sharing your story within seconds can quickly put their attention on a Facebook cover video.

Cover video can help you turn a casual visitor into a loyal follower.

Important specs

Required length: A minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds (according to Facebook)

Required dimensions: The required dimensions are at least 820 x 312 pixels. After uploading, the video will automatically be changed to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

In contrast to Facebook feeds and similar videos, you considerably have more user attention on your Facebook page because they’re not distracted from others content.

Suggested video length: If you need to tell a full and correct story, you can make a longer video than usual.

Suggested video dimensions: 9:16.

The sides of your cover video are cut off on your Facebook Mobile App, so you must put the text in the center of your video.

Suggested format: .MP4 or .MOV.

Specs for carousel video (Ads)

Up to 10 videos (or images) can be shown in a single ad via Facebook Carousel video.

Each can have its link, allowing more creativity, specificity, and space to highlight various aspects of your ad.

These ads are effective because before clicking a link, users can scroll through a range of videos.

Important specs

Required length: A carousel video can last 1 second minimum, and 240 minutes maximum.

Required dimensions: A carousel video should have a minimum of 600 x 315 (for landscape videos) or 600 x 600 (for square video).

Carousel videos on Facebook allow you to have 2 to 10 videos. This gives more freedom in your videos, and brings more challenges as well. You should follow the guides below.

Suggested video length: the shorter, the better! 15 seconds length is an ideal number. Of course, your videos can lead from one to others or act as their small individual story.

Anyways, they come with a link, so make sure that each one of them is quickly reached.

Suggested video dimensions: 1080 x 1080 or higher (the ideal ratio is 1:1)


The Facebook carousel caption allows 2,200 characters, but a 125 characters caption is the best choice.

Add a headline (40 characters), a description (up to 20 characters), and text with a maximum of 125 characters. Your video can be up to 4GB in size.

Specs for collection videos (Ads)

Collection ads on Facebook are a dream for eCommerce. A collection ad contains a cover video (or image) with product images listed below it.

You can use collection video as a storage device, a lookbook, or a product demonstration.

You can even tell a story about your company and encourage people to do something specific. A Collection ad lets users easily browse your products.

Important Specs (Ads)

Required length: A collection video should last 1 second minimum, and 240 minutes maximum (as a Facebook feed video).

Required dimensions: 600 x 315 (for landscape video) or 600 x 600 or more (for square video).

Remember that in your collection ad, you need at least 4 products. This allows your ad collection video to be creative in many ways.

Suggested video length: As long as necessary. It might be unclear, but your video can be anything from a full-blown demonstration to a video containing your product’s images.

Suggested video dimensions: minimum dimensions of 1200 x 628 pixels, aim for a 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio.

Suggested video format: .MP4 or .MOV.

File size:

Your video file may be up to 4GB and approximately 30 frames per second.

Caption: There is a limit of 90 characters on the headline of the collection video, and a maximum of 25 characters.

If a user clicks on your Collection ad, they will open a Facebook Instant Experience, called Canvas, it’s optimized for smartphones and features rich media — with your collection ad video at the top.

So, recommended length and dimensions, or other requirements apply to Facebook Canvas ads.

Specs for slideshow video (Organic + Ads)

Facebook Slideshow ads are like videos, but they can be created with images or short video clips.

They load quickly (using 5 times less data than videos!). Therefore, they can work smoothly on all connection speeds.

It can be built in minutes by any device. You can enhance it with music and other audio as well.

Important specs

Required length:

A minimum of 1 seconds, maximum of 15 seconds.

Required dimensions:

The first image can define the aspect ratio, or set it at 1:1, rectangular (16:9) or vertical (2:3)

Slideshow videos don’t give you much space to create, which is good if you just start introducing videos in your Facebook strategy.

You’ll work from a simple, two-tab screen and where you can add more photos, videos and music.

Suggested length: Only 15 seconds are available for the whole video, and your scenes can last 0.5 to 5 seconds (this length will get shorter when you nearly get to the 15-second mark). Only use images or videos to add to the story.

Suggested dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels or higher.

Suggested format: .MP4 or .MOV.

File size:

Your video file may be up to 4GB and approximately 30 frames per second.


Slideshow videos allow up to 2200 characters. Headline allows 25 characters, and description allows 30 characters if your video is an ad, including a link.

Specs for 360 video

The 360 video on Facebook allows viewers to experience immersive features by turning their device or dragging their fingers to explore everything.

You can use 360 videos to deeply integrate your viewers into your universe, from turning panoramic photos from your smartphone into a 180 video to using a special camera to capture a full scene.

Important specs

Required length: up to 40 minutes

Required size: 5120 x 2560 maximum for monoscopic 360, and 5120 x 5120 for 360 stereoscopic.

Minimum of 600 pixels. 2:1 aspect ratio for monoscopic videos, and 1:1 stereoscopic video (according to Facebook).

Suggested dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels or higher.

Suggested format: .MP4 is the best format for 360 videos.

File size:

Your file size can be up to 1.75GB, and approximately 60 frames per second.

The bitrate for 4K 360 videos is 45Mbps (recommended by Facebook).


360 videos allow 2200 characters. If your video includes a link can insert 25 characters in headline, and 30 characters in the description.

Facebook’s 360 videos are so versatile and offer so many things, which you can create almost anything you want when you’re limited by the video length and resolution restrictions above.


Why is my Facebook Cover Video Blurry?

At least 820 x 312 pixels are the correct dimension for a Facebook cover video. If your picture is smaller, it’s stretched to fit and causes blur.

Are 360 videos the same as VR?

No, even though most people are getting their first 360-degree viewing experience with 360 videos. The main difference is that VR brings you to a digital world, whereas 360 videos are live-action.

How long can a video on Facebook last?

A video on Facebook can last up to 240 minutes. However, it will be better if you make shorter videos to catch and keep people’s attention.

Can I upload 4K videos to Facebook?

Now, 4K videos are supported by Facebook. This feature has been tested since 2010, so now you can upload a 360 video in 4K.

What is Facebook’s live streaming resolution?

A live video has a maximum resolution of 720 x 1280 for 30 frames per second. This quality allows live stream videos for 4 hours.

Which is Facebook’s best video format?

MP4 (MPEG-4) is the best video format for Facebook, no matter what video or channel type. MPEG-4 compresses both audio and video to reduce file sizes and maintain quality.

Some tips to have high engagement videos

Focus on one message

Any video produced needs a clear message. However, too many messages will confuse viewers, and they don’t know what your video’s main purpose is, what message you want to convey.

That’s why you’d better choose a single message that covers all of your intentions to include in the video.

Don’t totally rely on sound

Sound is one of the factors that adds value and makes your video more appealing. However, over-reliance on audio can make you miss a chance to impress your viewers, especially when they can’t turn on the sound such as in public places, in library, etc.

Now you have in hand all the specifications to be able to create Facebook videos. Nothing can stop you from carrying out your online marketing plan that can amaze your audience. Apply the tips above to get started and enjoy the result right now. And give your videos wings with customized videos made by professional translation tools like Motionbear

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