Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can’t ignore



Are you missing something in your podcasts, videos, or music?

Most likely, it’s music visualizers.

So what is a music visualizer? How does it help you enjoy videos, podcasts, or music? How to create a music visualization?

Let’s get to know this stunning feature, along with 10 free and paid music visualizers below.

1. What are Music visualizers?

Music visualizers are a feature that you can find on devices or electronic music players, generating animations based on the playing music. These animations are synchronized with music and time playing.

Thanks to music visualizers, you can enjoy your music with both eyes and ears. Does it sound very interesting?

2. Top 10 free and paid music visualizers

2.1. Renderforest Music Visualizer

The first music visualizer for Windows is Renderforest. It allows users to record an audio clip with visuals.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore


Renderforest is a web-based application and can be used on different browsers. Youtubers are pretty familiar with Renderforest to create professional intros and endings. Besides, Renderforest has a lot of visual templates to choose from.


  • Output is sent to users via email.
  • Creates animations and presentations supported.
  • Allows editing can be done.
  • Can upload video files from the user database.

Price: Limited options for free version. Paid packages are available according to individual needs.

2.2. SongRender

The next application in this list is a web-based app that allows users to create videos with audio and images. You can generate waveforms that are customized and exported on social media sites. SongRender also enables users to upload custom backgrounds and display the final output of 1080p HD.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore



  • User-friendly interface.
  • Live preview is available.
  • Supports Waveform styles and shapes.

Price: 7-day free with $15/month and $30/month packages.

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2.3. After Effects

Talking about music visualizers for windows, we can’t help but mention a great one from the giant Adobe – After Effects. This Audio spectrum allows users to add various effects to their music, and import their compositions as graphics.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore

After Effect


  • Supports RAW file formats from cameras.
  • Copies and pastes the media files to another location.
  • Collaborates with friends on a single project.

Price: Free trial with a paid version from $20.99 per month.

2.4. Videobolt

Videobolt is podcasters’ favourite tool to create the right visuals for podcasts. Videobolt promotes audio files by creating visual effects based on audio sound and beat. It allows users to upload audio files from their computer and store it in the cloud.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore



  • Creates audiobooks.
  • Various templates.
  • Customize visuals for different types of sounds.

Price: Free limited edition and 3 paid packages at $5.99, $16.99, and $24.99 monthly.

2.5. Magic Music Visuals

One of the advanced music visualizers for Windows is Magic Music Visuals. You can develop your ideas freely without any hesitation.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore

Magic Music Visuals

Magic Music Visuals is 100% fully customizable. It offers MIDI and Live audio support. This software generates different patterns with rotation change based on sound volume and frequency.


  • Rotated images and 3D models move displays based on rhythm.
  • Simple interface.
  • Allows users to add cover photos
  • Supports real-time operation by a live camera.

Price: Free trial version with almost full functions integrated. The paid version of $44.95 for one PC.

2.6. Veed

In the music visualizer software list, we have Veed. It’s a powerful software to convert your music into video with waveform. The whole process is done online, and the final output is saved in MP4 format.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore


Veed is designed to promote music on social media by making it look and sound more interesting with waveform effects, sound spectrum, and audiogram.


  • You can freely choose your favorite animated histogram and waveform.
  • Adds images or drawings to the final video.
  • Online cloud-based application.
  • Allows Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook publishing.

Price: Free, basic edition of $12/month, and pro edition of $24/month.

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2.7. Musicvid

Another music visualizer for Windows and Mac is a web-based application called Musicvid. It has been around for a long time and is very popular across the globe. Musicvid allows users to create professional-looking images with sounds and animations added.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore


As a web-based application, users don’t need to install Musicvid on their computers as long as they have a stable internet connection. Musicvid has a lot of templates available that can make your work perfect.


  • Supports Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Provides a complete guide.
  • Allows users to export the final visualization from the browser.

Price: Free

2.8. VSXu Audio Visualizer

VSXu Audio Visualizer affords a unique environment for users. It facilitates you to make graphic effects and real-time visualizations based on the music you have selected. With the support of plugin-based architecture, users can develop different animations and graphics.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore

VSXu Audio Visualizer


  • Supports all music player applications.
  • Different designs.
  • Changes all visual effect vibrations.
  • It’a an open source app.

Price: Free

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2.9. SoundSpectrum

Another popular music visualizer is SoundSpectrum. You can connect this real-time app to any music service or streaming platform.

Thanks to SoundSpectrum, the output sound is enhanced with amazing effects.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore



  • Supports Windows Media Player and iTunes.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Contains different themes for various visualizations.
  • Easily sync with any music.

Price: Free trial and paid version on demand.

2.10. Sonic Visualiser

The last candidate on the list is Sonic Visualizer – a free music visualizer. It’s designed to analyze and view any audio file content.

Top 10 free and paid music visualizers you can't ignore

Sonic Visualiser

With specific enhancements, Sonic Visualiser can be configured to display detailed visualizations. It can even create captions for audio files.


  • Simple installation process.
  • Supports Ogg, MP3 and WAV formats.
  • Imports data from MIDI files.
  • Allows users to set a spectral view.
  • Exports annotation classes.

Price: Free

Depending on your needs, one of these 10 music visualizers will be right for you. Veed is easy to use, free and doesn’t require login. After Effect is more professional because it provides meticulous tasks, and Musicvid is useful open-source software.

All you need to do is determine your needs to exploit the most suitable software. And, don’t forget to localize and subtitle videos into different languages to bring them to a wider range of viewers with

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