Tips of the best writing Youtube video title you’ll read today (Part 2)



Back to part 1, we went over 10 tips to help you write a great video title. In the rest of this article, let’s take a look at the remaining 8 tips, and some “golden” keywords you should add to your video title to improve engagement.

Why are titles important?

A lot of video content is available on the internet, and they’re more and more uploaded.

You will probably get lost among the crowd if you find no way to distinguish your videos.

Thinking about all the TV content that US television networks have built over the last 30 years. You can see that every 30 days, there is a lot of video content released.

How can you best give your videos the chance to be found and watched in this tough competition? Although many things decide a good video strategy, one of the most important things you can do is writing strong titles.

You know that a title or headline is often your first shot at catching someone’s attention when you have done other types of content marketing. For example, there is nothing to doubt that the title is the most significant part of a blog post.

This applies to videos too. When someone looks at your video’s title, it’s the moment that makes a difference – will they click or move on the play button?

Good titles make it easier for your videos to stand out from the crowd. Actually, not all videos are well-created, so you have to make it well-titled if yours are the same.

Tips of the best writing Youtube video title you’ll read today

Uploading high-quality videos with good titles on the internet will help you set foot in the competition groups

By carefully selecting your titles, you can influence the picture of your videos (or of your brand itself).

Uploading high-quality videos with good titles on the internet will help you set foot in the competition groups

The funny or the top title is received differently from the serious and formal title. This is an advantage that influences the way people view your videos and consider your business.

Finally, a good title can help your video stand in the first place in search results.

Although it’s not the major video SEO factor, a strong title is essential if you want researchers to find your videos via organic search on YouTube or Google.

And, one of the easiest ways to boost your views is to choose a clear, descriptive, keyword-optimized title.

Tips to help you write a great video title

Tips of the best writing Youtube video title you’ll read today

Putting your keyword at the start helps YouTube gain relevance and helps to improve the rank

1. Create trend-related videos

Another approach is the creation linked to trends or rising subjects.

“Use trending keywords to start your title, Dave Nilsson from ConvertedClick recommends. The reason I stress the trend is what people look for. Furthermore, putting your keyword at the start helps YouTube gain relevance and helps to improve the rank.”

2. Provide your title a clear value

Don’t create a video just because something is trending. You will want to make sure whether anyone cares about your video.

Jenna Carson from Music Grotto says, “YouTube users have small attention spans, and there are a lot of videos available for every search.

So, make sure your title offers you value in a few words to make sure you capture someone’s attention. To have such a good title, you have to answer why a user should click on your video and what advantages they have after watching it.

For instance, don’t write ‘This is the top recipe to make a strawberry cake ,’ show the value with something like, ‘Save time, become a real chef with these 5 recipes of making a strawberry cake.’

3. Take advantage of proven headline frameworks

Copywriters have frameworks for their sales and sales pages when they write conversion content. And good news is, we can use many frameworks for YouTube videos as well.

“There are various ways to write a Youtube title, and everything depends on the content you are making,” Jack Gallagher of JGDigital says.

He also mentions the best way to write your video title according to your content purpose.

For educational purpose:

Tips of the best writing Youtube video title you’ll read today

If you educate people about something, it’s very important to start the title using ‘How’ or ‘What’

“If you educate people about something, it’s very important to start the title using ‘How’ or ‘What’ because this will help push your video to an entire heap of Google Search that relates to queries of people looking up the answer for a particular question or topic.

For telling a story:

“If you tell a story about a personal experience or a report on an event, the idea of building the title as a cliffhanger is a good one, so the audience gets a brief overview of what is being discussed, and they are prepared to unravel the story.

Using keywords around the event, a controversial question involving both sides of supporters, and even a time/location stamp can help increase clicks and engagement quality.”

For promotional purpose:

“If you promote other creators or music, for example, you want to make sure that the names of creators/influencers or artists are listed in the title of the video, since that is the leading indicator for what is on the video.

As YouTube is a unique platform, you will want to use their alias/names in the title to attract attention because these names are recognizable and impactful immediately.

Experimenting with full CAPS titles can bring a sense of urgency and generally, causing viewers to respond faster and more emotionally, which lead to quicker and more clicks.”

Moreover, Jerome Williams of JWorks Studios recommended using mystery headlines.

Listing headlines: Top 10 blankety blank

FOMO headlines: Blanks you may have missed!

Authoritative deadlines: Blank explained

Stick to how-to titles for educational content

How-to titles can work well for training videos.

“You should start your video with ‘How to’. By adding this phrase to the title, you let people know that you are solving a problem for them.” Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging says.

Youtube is the main search engine.

YouTubers are using videos to see how problems can be solved. I named a video, for example, ‘How to Escape from Facebook Jail’, and I got 200 more views than my next popular video.

So, the Important note here is: “Make sure that you keep the promise mentioned in the title.”

“The best approach for writing a YouTube title, which gets clicks/engagement, is by using ‘How to’ titles,” Mo Mulla of Parental questions adds.

They attract a user’s attention instantly, mainly because the consumer wants guidance.

If the information is apparent in the title, they won’t bother going anywhere else; instead, they will stop and click on your video to see if the content involves what they want.

However, to make the title more effective, I suggest avoiding clickbait campaigns that make the content seem impossible.

For example, a video title, ‘How to make money from Youtube?’ seems realistic, but if you rewrite it as ‘How to make money from Facebook in one day?’ It’s pretty unreal and clickbait.”

5. Newsjacking test

Note: This strategy works only for some Youtube channels.

First, check the trending topic relating to your Vlog, as what Daisy Jing of Banish says.

Daisy suggests you should use that trending topic with a good hashtag and thumbnail to prove it. Give a few disclaimers or add something new on the subject. Then, your video is ready to go.

6. Use listicle style titles

This style of headline has initially been famous for Buzzfeed, and it still works well today.

“The Top 3, 5, and 10 lists are a classic technique that always has good results, Alistair Dodds of Ever Increasing Circles says.” Also, research-based keyword titles are doing very well too.

For example, investigate which keywords people look for in the subject that you want to develop. You can then provide a video that solves the problem and optimize the title by keywords.

For example, “How to use [insert keyword] to have [insert desired result].” This title gets your videos often in Google’s top 10 search results, both for the topic and in YouTube as well. This will lead to high clicks and engagement rates in return.”

7. Your video and thumbnail must work well together

The title and thumbnail are the two main aspects of your Youtube video. Therefore, these two elements must work in conjunction.

Sandra Craft of Thinking Impact also affirms that the video’s title and thumbnail are essential for the success of a YouTube video.

These are the first components a viewer sees. And that viewer won’t click the video if the title isn’t good enough.

To create an effective YouTube title, the best approach is to check what type of titles popular YouTubers are using.

A Youtuber who has more than 1,000,000 subscribers will know which titles are the best. They tested all variations and found the best-converted formula.

8. Refer to your competitors’ videos

There is an opportunity that someone has created a video like the one you are going to develop. So why don’t you learn from theirs?

For example, Rohan Kadam of Vital Feedz says “I want to share my approach. This has worked wonders for me so far.”

While creating a YouTube title, I start by browsing YouTube and checking the titles my competitors have used to make videos similar to the videos I’m about to make.

Once I get the corresponding YouTube video titles, I nestle them in the top 5 videos and look at the number of videos they have, and the video lifetime (When the video was published).

I select from the narrowed list the best video title, and create a slight variation in the title.

For example, I would typically frame my title in two ways if I wished my video to be ranked on YouTube with a keyword ‘How to Cook Ribs in a Crock-pot’.

How to cook ribs in a crock-pot (Easy Way To Do IT) [or]

How to cook Ribs in a Crock-Pot [Top 3 Ways].”

In sum, the best Youtubers know that the video’s title and thumbnail are the best catches. You can bring people to look at your video, and stand out by these two factors. It’s worth spending time writing various titles too.

6 Words You Must Include In YouTube Titles

6 “golden” keywords you should add to your video title to improve engagement

1. “How to”

“How-to” YouTube searches have increased by 70% over the year. According to Google, North American users view “how-to” video content has exceeded 100 million hours.

Therefore, you will want to include “How-to” at the start of your YouTube title, if you are making an instructional video.

2. “Amazing” or “Best” adjectives

To increase Youtube video’s views, you should add pair descriptive words in keywords. “Best” or “Amazing” evoke excitement and curiosity between the audience.

These adjectives motivate viewers to watch your video. For viral videos, it’s not unusual to start with a sensational adjective.

3. Stick to trending topics

Make videos about trends to get the maximum traction online.

To find trending topics, you can use Google Trends Search.

4. Insert “Wh” questions: Why? What? When? Where? Who? How?

Questions make the audience think. A well-phrased question often encourages users to click through because it evokes viewers wanting to know more.

Use questions, therefore, to make viewers curious and to appeal to them to watch your video.

5. Lists

For several reasons, YouTube list videos are popular. They spark viewers’ curiosity, and lists promise a quantified story in advance as well. In general, list videos are very attention-grabbing.

The list titles show viewers exactly what they can expect from the video. It helps viewers decide whether they want to view your video or not.

6. DIY titles

“Tips” or “DIY” titles convey information that helps viewers complete a task. Insert “Tips” or “DIY” in keywords will tell your audience about your video.

Then, viewers are more likely to click your video to see how you help them perform a task.

It’s not natural that you can create video titles that attract millions of views the first time. But fortunately, it’s not a skill requiring you to be naturally gifted; you can thoroughly practice it through exploration, learning, and regular practice.

To quickly achieve the expected results, apply the tips above and have a good video localizing tool to translate and subtitle your videos into different languages like, surely your videos will sooner or later have high engagement. 

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