Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you



According to Wyzowl’s report, 87% of video marketers say that video has significantly improved traffic to their website.

Videos/subtitle videos have become a notable marketing tool to develop business brands and personal brands.

This fact becomes a driving force for many businesses, individuals to thoughtfully and appropriately invest in videos or subtitles videos.

However, are you sure you are making good videos?

Refer to these 8 tips on building an engaging video or subtitle video below and reflecting yours.

1. Build content for your videos/subtitle videos

When you create a blog post, you need to determine what you intend to write. As making a video, you need to build a specific content you want to discuss.

You should have a script, including a specific opening, body, and conclusion. List down what you will say in the introduction, what the body is, how many ideas, how long each idea should last, what audience you target, etc.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

The more detailed your content is, the less frustrating and shortcomings you get.

For example, you plan to make a weekly dress-up video targeting women from 18 to 35. You can point out some difficulties of having no idea to choose outfits throughout the week in the opening part.

Then in the body, you should show tips to solve this problem by revealing 7 different outfits for 7 days a week.

In conclusion, don’t forget to add a Call To Action (CTA), which encourages viewers to immediately apply your advice and subscribe to update the latest videos.

Another note that you must always keep in mind is to make sure your video or subtitled video content relates to the main topic.

It sounds redundant, but some people are encountering this unacceptable mistake.

For example, someone wants to give tips on how to create engaging Youtube videos. Instead of talking about the main advice such as making short-term videos, adding attractive titles, catching up with trendy content, etc. She’s lost in factors that make no sense and have no relevance to the main topic.

This comes from the lack of knowledge, or her inadequate preparation. And you should take this as a good lesson to prevent the same mistake.

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2. Tell a story

There are many famous video/subtitle video makers telling stories to increase video engagement.

When someone tells you a story, they may incorporate their own experiences or thoughts into your mind, making you sympathize and feel what they feel.

Good stories evoke empathy because they activate parts of your brain if you’ve actually experienced similar stories.

For instance, when someone shares that they lack confidence, how frustrated they are to get rid of acne, they fail. You might feel what they say is similar to your problem somehow.

When someone tells you about her first time in love, your heart beats slightly faster because you’ve also experienced such feelings, and the video maker is smart enough to know it and convert it to an emotional story.

They tell their stories to find empathy from you. They are talking to you as a friend. They understand you like your family. They prove to you that they’re not someone trying to make you sign up for a course or use a sample by annoying poor sales technique.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

3. Curious titles, eye-catching thumbnail

Assume that your video has great content. Do you think viewers will click to watch it with a weak title, boring thumbnail?

There are still some who do that. But for sure a good title, a pretty thumbnail will cause more interaction.

According to QuickSprout, a simple, clean, and neat thumbnail can increase your video engagement by 154%.

Then a short, curious title is what you need to make for your video.

Refer to this Buzzfeed thumbnail and title. They know how to capture their audience’s interests right from the first frame.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

Or Hubspot’s thumbnail, it’s clean and proper with a short title.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

Compare the following 2 titles:

“How to make better videos.”

“How do I create videos that attract more than 2 millions views?”

It’s easy to guess; you would prefer title 2 over 1 because title 2 is specific and curious. It motivates viewers to click and find how they can get a video with 2 million views.

Title 1 is short but not clear because viewers don’t understand how to define “better”. What specific measure for “better” is.

4. Captivating subtitle

According to Digiday, 85% of Facebook video is watched with no sound mode.

The reason is that most of us use smartphones anytime, anywhere, whether in crowded places, or when we are alone.

And is it acceptable to watch a noisy video in a public place? Of course not.

Therefore, videos without subtitles is a big drawback that ignores potential audiences.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

The process of creating a subtitle video was complicated and time-consuming before. Nowadays, video-making platforms can help you make subtitles easily without spending all day in front of a computer screen to edit and assemble sub.

5. The shorter, the better videos

According to Wyzowl, humans are able to focus on a mission or task within 9 seconds.

It poses a challenge for video/subtitle video-makers to make compelling, concise and engaging content.

There is a solution, it’s engaging viewers in the first few seconds by making a brief, straight-to-mind message to help your video get noticed.

Neil Patel – a Marketing expert, also says that videos lasting under 1 minute have a retention rate of 80%, while 5-10 minutes videos only have 50% retention rate.

However, this rule doesn’t apply to every video. In fact, there are successful video makers creating videos up to 15-20 minutes long. These are usually educational, informative, or guiding videos.

However, to create such videos, you need to build strong content, helpful information, and detailed guidelines. Check out the videos of Neil Patel to see how he establishes good videos.

6. Impressive call to action

When you write a blog post or Facebook ad, you always need an appealing CTA to make your audience take action.

It can apply to videos as well; CTAs help the audience know what to do next.

If you want them to buy the product, make it clear.

If you want them to subscribe to your channel, or visit your website, state it clearly.

CTA is a form of communication to increase engagement, inspire viewers to react.

CTA is a short sentence to drive viewers to click on the next video, ask audience questions, give free trials, or tell them to subscribe to your channel.

Check out this convincing CTA of Neil Patel’s video. It’s short and goes straight to the point: “Share it, like it, tell other people, subscribe to the channel”

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

Or another example from Hubspot. They used a simple CTA “Subscribe to Hubspot”

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

7. Don’t forget SEO

In the 4.0 era, one of the matters you cannot forget if you want your video to be popular is SEO.

Keyword research is essential for promoting your online content, not only video or video subtitles. Keyword is a powerful gadget to help you get search volume and competition.

When producing a video, you should add keywords to everything, including: File name, title, description, tags, etc.

8. Remember to promote your video

Another fundamental way to help people get to know your video is to actively share it in addition to SEO.

You can promote your video on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever platform your target audience is using.

Thousands already know these 8 tips to build engaging subtitle video, and so should you

You can also email your subscribers, keeping them updated with new videos. It’s a good approach to increase email marketing engagement.

Another sustainable tool is blogging. Inserting your video link in blog posts is smart to provide readers with accurate numbers, insights, and statistics, especially if it’s a short-form video.

It takes your time and effort to create attractive, interactive, high-viewed videos. You will certainly experience many obstacles to get the desired results.

However, your adventure will probably flow well if you have a trustful guide. And these 8 tips on how to create good subtitled video content above could be that. Get started with the first advice to begin a happy journey of creating great videos.

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