Should I quit my job to do Youtube?



Have you ever thought that you would quit your boring, stressful office job with a tight income to become a Youtuber, earning hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per month?

It’s worth it, isn’t it? When you can make money from what you like without being controlled by your superiors, and there are no longer tight deadlines.

But wait, don’t rush to resign; read this article till the end! Everything is not what it seems. There are some I believe will surprise you. Here’s what I’ve learned after one year of doing YouTube.

1. Why do people quit their jobs to do Youtube?

Currently, a lot of people quit their jobs to do Youtube. By doing Youtube, you can make a lot of money; you can also work as a freelancer without being controlled by anyone or any organization.

Should I quit my job to do Youtube?

Should I quit my job to do Youtube? 

Many people say that you never break a sweat by doing Youtube but make thousands of dollars a month.

Many people record YouTube videos to promote a particular product for a few minutes, earning several hundred dollars or thousands of dollars.

Many girls only need to put on trendy outfits on their videos, and they become brand ambassadors, or fashion influencers, earning a ton of money every month.

Everything sounds so easy, nothing is difficult, and anyone can do it.

Compared to doing a full-time job in the office, which causes both physical and mental tiredness, it is true that doing Youtube is much better.

I’ve been listening to a lot of complaints from my friends about their job. They have to do boring tasks day after day, attend stressful meetings, and just want to “escape.”

And the thought of doing Youtube is an exit door that drags them out of that life, and has motivated many people to quit their jobs.

But is making money on Youtube as easy as you think? Keep reading to know what I learn after 1 year of doing Youtube.

2. The truth of making money on Youtube

You can see many people posting videos of mixing and matching clothes, teaching viewers how to do makeup with tens of thousands, millions of views. You know that they are invited to do advertisement activities by countless brands.

But do you know what’s behind it? That’s the money they spend to buy clothes to do mix-match videos when they have no sponsored brand. That’s dozens of hours they practice to create an attractive makeup style. And that’s because they look good, sound good, talented, etc.

Some people quit their office job to do Youtube because they think it’s too easy. I used to think that too when I was new to Youtube, which was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I had my Youtube channel set up for 3 months with very poor views. I was really depressed and wanted to give up. And I told myself that it’s lucky I haven’t quit my job, or else I’d starve to death!

I know many people are doing Youtube, but the number of successes is not much. Mostly give up. Perhaps they are not determined, but another big part is work and money pressure.

Should I quit my job to do Youtube?

Another big part of leaving your job to do Youtube is work and money pressure

Everything is very competitive and not as easy as successful people say.

To be famous, they all have to go through the challenging stages just like anyone else (I’m having a hard time now:)). What they say doesn’t bother them now, but it’s a huge problem to you – the new Youtuber.

I’ve only been doing Youtube for nearly 1 year, and I’m mainly doing affiliate marketing and branding on Youtube. And after 1 year, I have seen that making money online is not easy.

Even though my video has clear content, no re-up, and is properly edited, the results aren’t good.

Making money on Youtube requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and the right mindset. Unless you’re a genius, beautiful, or you’re Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift.

The right mindset is very important. Thanks to it, a lot of people have succeeded after months and years doing Youtube.

I used to have a misconception about making money on Youtube. I thought it was easy to do. Fortunately, I realized it in time to adjust everything.

So, don’t think of quitting your job to do Youtube if you don’t prepare for these things.

3. What do you need to prepare before quitting your job to do Youtube?

Many people think that a bit of knowledge and a little capital can help them make millions of dollars on Youtube. This is a false thought, an illusion of power. If you jump into Youtube right away, you will die for sure.

3.1. Don’t hesitate!

First, you must determine what you will do to make money on Youtube? Are you going to do affiliate marketing on Youtube, or are you doing branding on Youtube?

Start working on your plan right away, but don’t quit your job when you have your goal. Spending time in the evenings or on weekends to do Youtube, I usually spend all Saturday filming and Sunday editing videos. And once you start your plan, you will know how “easy” it is or whether you can achieve success.

Making money is never an easy task. You may feel tired, because you have to work at the office all week, and there is no rest on the weekend. But you will soon be familiar with it.

3.2. Money

Of course, money is very important. Without money, you can’t afford anything.

And if you insist on quitting your job, you have to prepare enough money to live for a year. Or else, it’s hard to do Youtube.

For example, if you are currently spending $1,000 a month, you need to save at least 1,000×12= $12,000 before leaving work.

However, in this 1 year, you need to spend very sparingly, not buying unnecessary things, or you will go bankrupt and have to get back to work right away.

3.3. Mental status

You need to prepare to face the difficulties ahead.

Your friends will probably laugh at you when they find out you quit your high-paid office job to work on Youtube. You may feel like you’re a loser when you see your friends achieve success, while you’ve just started a new job without being sure it works.

This is unavoidable. You must have faith in who you are and believe that you can do it.

3.4. Perseverance

Making money on Youtube is not like other jobs. You must keep in mind that you will make no money at the initial stage, but you can make a lot of money once you’re successful.

There will be times you are despondent, and you might need to do something else for a living. But remember, everything will be successful if you accumulate enough knowledge and experience.

3.5. The more you learn, the better result you have

No one has the experience and knowledge (doing SEO, running ads, etc.) to do Youtube at first.

Therefore, you must always learn from sources such as books, watching other experienced Youtube channels.

No one does it once and succeeds, and there will always be failures and mistakes. The basic lesson here is to keep learning to avoid the same mistake next time. If you don’t learn, you might easily give up halfway.

Leaving a job to do Youtube is a big deal. You should think carefully before deciding because you will face a lot of barriers.

It would be better if you try first, then decide whether to quit or not. Never leave your job without having a backup because you will pay for it after a few months.

Persistence and hard work are the two most important factors for success. If it were easy, every Youtubers would go rich.

I am also on the way to learn. I’ve always thought that making money on Youtube has excellent potential. If you follow the right path, you will get what you want. And I believe that if you spend 100% of your determination to do Youtube, you will soon have success.

In addition, your creation will be more successful if you can spread it to a wider range of audience by translating and subtitling your videos into different languages. And Motionbear’s s got your back. All you need to do is staying creative everyday.

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