Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips



A landing page is no longer a new term for many of us.

While landing pages can bring lead conversions, video can improve its quality.

Do videos make any significant changes in the landing page conversion?

40% of shoppers say they’ve bought products they’ve found on YouTube.

81% of marketers say video has helped them develop leads.

This is why adding videos to your landing is unhelpful because they add a personal touch and trigger the human emotion’s psychology in such a way that words can’t do.

If you anchor your leading strategy on great copywriting, including fascinating videos to your target audience, you will get more leads.

This article will explore the efficiency of video landing pages and proven ways to improve video landing page conversions.

What is a video landing page?

In other words, a video landing page is only a web page with a video included.

In your marketing funnel, a video landing page helps to get more potential customers.

Videos on your landing page increase your product sales conversion or get more customers’ email.

You can bring your customers to your marketing funnel differently. With a video on the landing page, you will have better chances of maintaining a customer and recommending a product or service.

Suppose you are a SaaS company and your business is offering a complex product. In that case, video landing pages are great ways to provide coverage and to explain lots of information in a short time.

Videos can explain complex nuances of the product or attractively show the advantages of products/services.

One of the greatest challenges to increase conversion rates is to actively engage your prospects, and video can excel it.

If you can capture and sustain your audience’s attention, it’s much easier to convert them.

Whether you do this using animation or other means (for example comedy), video landing pages offer you the unique chance to make your products and business fun – a considerable challenge for straightforward text-based landing pages.

Below are some facts and statistics of video landing pages:

25% of the top landing pages have a video

The conversions rate can increase by 86% if you use videos on landing pages.

The conversion leads increased by video landing pages can encourage recurring businesses and referrals.

It’s the showtime of video landing pages

It’s important to let your video be prominently displayed. It makes your potential customers more likely to watch your video. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Put your video to the top
  • Get your videos to the point
  • Maintain your video light, entertainment, and information
  • Enter your video with text

You only have a second to impress your target audience. So, you’d better get your audience through your point in a fun way.

Many people don’t always turn on video sound, so to get your message across, you should add text to your video.

7 ways for increasing video landing page conversions

1. Clarify your targets

Clarifying your goals is essential. You must decide what video landing pages can support you. As mentioned, landing pages can significantly increase the number of leads.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips

Videos generate leads

The more landing pages you build, the more leads you can get.

However, each specific landing page promotes one aspect of your company and aims at different audiences.

Note that companies with more landing pages can create 12 times more leads than ones with only 1 or 5 landing pages.

2. Don’t make a mistake in using video style

You’re going to have people looking at different content. And you want to create videos that fit all those people.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips

Create videos that fit different people

By having a range of videos, you can link the right video to the right customers.

Create a number of videos for your pages. It can be a mix of videos about your businesses, products, and related content.

As long as you have an extensive video collection, you can repurpose your content and be a trustworthy authority.

Explainer videos:

  • Explain a problem or an insight
  • When someone is looking for a solution, they are incredibly impactful
  • Look at the use of social media and SEO as far as possible

How-to videos:

  • Give step-by-step instructions
  • Remember to insert text to highlight your points

Product demonstration videos:

  • A video about a particular product
  • Go through product’s pros and cons
  • Tell your audiences who your product or service is best for

Company culture videos:

  • Create branded company videos
  • These videos can talk about a company’s case study, the staff or company’s history

Make sure to match your videos to your company’s message.


  • Obtain customer reviews
  • Give your product and service free to influencers
  • Take advantage of these testimonials for your sales pages

You can address the various needs of your audience through different videos.

Whenever you combine this with a landing page, you will be able to convert viewers to leads.

3. Positioning videos

Maximize your impact by concerning about your videos’ positioning

The position you put your video and copy can impact the conversion rates.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips

Landing pages should be optimized for mobile

Putting the most important content, which is wise-designed intuitively on the top of your landing page, as it’s what visitors see first.

Many people view landing pages on their smartphones, which means you get more attention from the top of your landing page than the bottom of your content.

Most people tend to look at the top of your landing page. In contrast, others will skip the rest of your blog until they find something that catches their attention.

Therefore, it’s pretty hard to get somebody’s eyes.

Carefully concern these figures:

  • A recent study conducted by Google found that ads above the fold had a visibility of 73%
  • Mobile optimizes 50% of landing pages.

Those figures are additional evidence of why you should contain your videos at the top of your landing page.

And based on those numbers, it’s true that videos score higher conversion rates.

It increases the chance of getting someone as a lead and potential sale if you can make them click and watch your video.

Maintain your landing pages simple and to go straight to the point

Make a quick impression by keeping your website clean. Go straight to what you offer to people.

The faster you can connect to your audience, the more conversions you have.

The objective of a landing page is always to convert leads. And this process is aided by videos.

You can focus on the most important part of your landing page by declutching your landing page.

  • Provide your landing page with a catchy title
  • Put your video on the top of your landing page
  • Encourage people to take action (CTA)

As long as you can keep your video up, your audience will likely watch and be involved in your content.

4. Maintain your videos’ concision

To get maximum conversion, how long should a video be?

The attention spans are shorter. Therefore, valuable information should be given to people in a digestible way.

In fact, It only takes a second to lose a potential lead. That’s why you should consider the video statistics to know how long a video should last to get maximum conversions.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips

The ideal duration for a video is a few minutes

The ideal duration for a video is a few minutes. And your video content should only focus on the point and your main offer.

  • The most active video takes less than two minutes
  • 52% of viewers want to watch instructional videos lasting 3-6 minutes

If you have a longer video available, make sure it’s as personalized as possible.

Check out where the traffic you bring to your landing page comes from because you don’t want to lose the leads you’ve got.

Check your video settings

Videos are displayed in many ways.

You can play or loop them automatically as you see with webinars. This can all be personalized.

Plan where you will host your videos. You have to consider whether there are branding conflicts, depending on your hosting plans.

5. Let your audience know what benefits they can get

Comprehend your audience’s problem

Understanding your audience’s problem will help you to find the best solutions. Thanks to that, you can explain what benefits your audience can get.

Concentrate on creating videos attracting your audience. Besides, you can use analytics to measure people’s attention. Using A/B testing to improve conversions over time if possible.

If you can create helpful content, your article or blog post can show up in search results.

And if the keywords you use targeting commercial intent, your content is more likely to convert.

Restore your audience

You can track your landing page on Google and Facebook to retarget people who have visited and watched your landing page video.

When you track your visitors on the landing page, it means you can also retarget them.

Provide your target audience with various videos and promotions. You can offer another lead magnet, such as a recorded webinar that brings leads and emphasizes that your company is an authority.

6. Optimize your videos

The largest search engine now is Google. Google also recommends videos for different content searching.

Because Google prioritizes videos, you should create a good title, a nice thumbnail, and a good description for your videos to increase the chance of them being searchable.

  • Google only drags one video per page.
  • 48% of top landing pages ranked in maps and organic listings

In general, you should make videos that people need and are searching for. Using tools to level up your videos’ showing up chance is necessary as well.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips

7. Find the best video editing tool

It was challenging to create a professional video that drives your business. However, today we have many online video editing tools that can manage all these problems.

Improve your poor video landing page conversions with 7 proven tips is one of the most favorable online video editing tools

You can host your videos on your platform, thanks to them. They also allow you to make your videos more attractive by editing functions, stock images.

Moreover, these powerful tools support you to upload your videos with stunning features on landing pages.

Which business form should apply video landing pages?

Almost any company can use video on its landing pages. Nevertheless, like anything else, some businesses can benefit more than others from the video landing pages.

Businesses work in ‘Boring’ industries

Let’s face it – not everyone works in a friendly and fun environment that can make you laugh all day long.

Some of us have to sell insurance, boxes and other important but unappreciated items, contrary to the lucky people who sell adventure vacation to wealthy daredevils.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make things more attractive by using video.

Businesses work in ‘Interesting’ Industries

Your product is sometimes so exciting that mere words and pictures can’t do properly – a video for rescue wanted! If your company offers a sexy, exciting product, video landing pages will make them shine and persuade your visitors to do what you expect them to.

When not to use video

Usually, video improves conversion rates (it is convincing!) when it’s used in the right context that matches your offer. However, the results may vary depending on your conversion objectives, your audience, or even the devices you target.

This is why videos should be carefully executed. It’s important. That explains why you should perform A/B tests to verify whether your landing page video has a positive effect.

If you use videos carelessly, they can have two side effects that might slow your business down.

Video landing pages can be the wrong call if you want to target a population with slow connections.

Videos might distract your call to action. To avoid this issue, include a CTA in the video itself or use directions to make sure people know where to click. And your video backgrounds shouldn’t be so engaging that it misleads your visitors’ concentration.

To conclude, videos enable visitors to experience your message after a click easily. They also let you convey attitudes, thoughts within one format, which images, copies, and animations cannot.

Don’t leave yourself behind the world. Launching your content and promoting your business based on video landing pages is the most powerful choice.

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