How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?



You have an idea of opening an Instagram account and setting a goal to reach hundreds, then thousands of followers.

After a while, you’ve accomplished your goal, you’ve become famous, your post gets hundreds of likes and lots of comments.

You quickly become an influencer in your niche.

Based on the popularity you have, you start receiving advertising contracts on Instagram and earn extra income.

Everything is so favorable. You smile at your achievements.

But wait.

You suddenly wake up and realize all these things are just a dream. In fact, your Instagram account only has a few followers, and you don’t seem to know what to do to make it score thousands or hundreds of followers.

You sigh, find out everything is so difficult.

However, the difficulty doesn’t mean impossibility, as long as you know how to apply the following 10 tips to boost your Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000.

1. Joining Instagram engagement groups

Have you ever wondered what people having a bunch of Instagram followers do?

They join engagement groups (Instagram pods).

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Join engagement groups to have new followers

Although it may be tempting to join the major engagement groups on Instagram, you will receive a more specific list of followers on Instagram by sticking to your niche.

This is the best tactic for newbies who just start learning how to get Instagram followers.

You can find travel, beauty, fashion, and a lot of other engagement groups in particular niches.

You can get followers, likes from people who have common interests in these groups.

You should also benefit those groups’ members by following their fanpages, if you are serious about getting their attention.

Although this way might not help with immediate sales, it enables you to gain credibility to show that your Instagram page has a good quantity of followers.

Note that it’s more a short-term Instagram strategy for the first few weeks, than a long-term Instagram strategy to get loyal followers.

2. Repost content to get followers

When you started to build your own Instagram page for social media marketing, you would love to repost other people’s content to attract attention.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Reposting content is easier to get followers than posting your content or video

However, you must remember to create your own descriptions when reposting others’ content for not being flagged.

You’d better take screenshots and add the images to your Instagram when you started first. The Repost app will help you kick off your page. It enables you to begin reposting Instagram video content.

A video that had 52,862 views, 1264 comments, and 9,147 likes was reissued as one of the most compelling examples. At the time, it was a big freak deal; that person didn’t even have 10,000 followers.

And the best thing is he didn’t run ads, but he got free Instagram followers.

Why would you repost the content of others rather than your own?

Reposting content is easier. Actually, your visual and video content would never be as good as someone else’s who has a good amount of followers already.

Back to the example, how did he know what he was going to repost?

This is the instruction.

Hashtags are an excellent way to get new followers. If you’re pretty active on Instagram, you will browse the hashtag list you have in your mind.

Then, you can use them each day to find the most successful posts that aren’t posted by other fan pages (and not by your competitors), but by individuals.

Next, you will watch and see the whole picture to see the videos which have the most significant reactions. Then, you should post it back on your page if you feel the urge to share it.

In general, if you are only learning how to get followers on Instagram, it’s simple to use this high-impact strategy.

Note: Instagram has now updated its policy, so before reposting, you are required to request permission.

3. Design a consistent for your Instagram account

It sounds very familiar, right? You must have heard about design a consistent style for your social media channels thousands of times.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

A consistent design is important

But why is consistency important?

Because people don’t follow you for what you post, but for what they think your future posts will be like.

For example, you love fashion, and every day you post mix-match outfits photos, videos on your Instagram page.

When Instagram users continue to watch your posts, they finally realize that they can find the best mix-match outfit ideas on your page.

Therefore, they follow you to expect more of the same content.

With a consistent style or subject, you can create an expectation for your Instagram account, so that followers and potential followers can count on.

They would like to see more of the same kind of content everyday on your page.

Thanks to that, you will quickly gain more followers on Instagram while fostering trust and faith in your brand.

4. Use Hashtags

Many experts will tell you to use only 5, 11, or some other number of hashtags. But you should run wild with it when building your Instagram account.

Copy and paste a list of hashtags onto your app. Then, you can switch it sometimes to try various hashtags. Finally, you will find out which ones are right for your brand.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Copy and paste a list of hashtags onto your app, then switch it sometimes to try various hashtags

The maximum number of hashtags might be 30 or nearly 30. It’s an ideal number.

The truth is, in the first comment if you add all those hashtags, and as your page engagement increases, no one will ever see that first comment because they’re so busy tagging their friends in your post.

Sure, people could see it when you start out. But the easiest way to increase visibility is to add more hashtags. When you gain followers, your posts will rank higher thanks to those hashtag keywords.

When you have specific hashtags, it will enable you to be found by a relevant audience and grow your Instagram followers.

Avoid generic hashtags such as #love or #picoftheday, for example, if you sell fashion.

5. Use location tags

Are you aware that you can be found by marking your location on Instagram stories and posts?

The location tag shows the city you’re in, or the location where the video or the image was captured.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Use location tags to facilitate finding and following your Instagram account

Moreover, you can categorize your post with all content tagged for that neighborhood.

So you can use location tags to facilitate finding and following your Instagram account, if you are a local business. Locations also have different feed, story, and hashtags. By using a location sticker in your own stories, you can contribute to this.

6. Embed IG feed on your blog

You can include your Instagram photos on your website if you have your own personal or business blog.

Pretend that you get a blog of fashion. You might write a blog about women’s best outfits for weekends. Choose Instagram posts with single pictures of the outfit, or a visual of items that match well.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Embed IG feed on your blog is a long-term journey, especially if you’re not having traffic already

Then, you can visit your Instagram website, go to your page, click the post, click the ‘…’ icon, and click Embed. Then, copy the link into the blog post’s code section.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Over time, there will be more people visiting your blog and checking out your Instagram account too.

It’s a long-term journey, especially if you’re not having traffic today. But, you will have more chance of being visible by adding your Instagram posts right from the start.

Doing this from now on, within 6 months, you should really start to see massive returns,

7. Follow your competitors

You need to find people who follow brands in order to increase the number of Instagram followers.

Who are your largest Instagram competitors? Note them down, then scan your posts to see who comments on your posts. Follow and talk to them.

Be aware that it’s best to go for smaller brands when choosing competitors on Instagram.

If you sell makeup brushes and try to involve people who comment on Sephora, they may not be your suitable audience, although they are in a similar niche.

Popular brands tend to have more loyal customers.

However, if you have a competitor with 100,000 Instagram followers, he or she may not be loyal to that brand.

Try not to sound like you’re making a sale when you comment on the posts of someone you follow.

Don’t use the same comment to everyone you message.

If someone asks questions on your post, always reply to them.

If you have no idea of what you should comment on, take a look at some comments from other posts to ignite ideas.

You will start building Instagram followers organically as you continue to follow and engage with people.

8. Collaborate with influencers

Another way to improve Instagram followers is by collaborating with influencers.

If a person has a faithful following, he can give you a shoutout, leading to new followers and even some new sales for your account.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Another way to improve Instagram followers is by collaborating with influencers

You should write a contract to prevent that influence from faking traffic.

You might risk getting your account prohibited if you get a sudden rush of fake followers on Instagram. Of course, you don’t want that.

If you are searching for a way to get real followers, you can ask the influencer you are working with to take over your Instagram stories. By this way, people need to follow your page to view the story. Don’t forget to inform your audience a couple of days in advance.

9. Giveaways

Another good way to get followers on Instagram is by hosting giveaways.

You will have a much greater reach if you host giveaways on your website, and offer visitors a chance to follow you on Instagram, and other social networks.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

Giveaways could also help to spread your promotion as well

You can post your giveaway to certain Facebook groups if your audience is small.

Giveaways could also help to spread your promotion as well.

For example, you could send your audience some free products to ask for their review post.

Most agree and feel fine with the free product, although some might request payment.

People who agree to take giveaways will then make a product review post with photos and their product experiences.

Thanks to giveaways, your audience will be very excited about getting it. And as a result, you will have hundreds of new followers.

This is an excellent way of getting new IG followers if you don’t have an audience. But it may not be as targeted than, if you host a giveaway on a relevant niche blog.

One note for you is, if you’ve just opened your Instagram account, giveaways will help you get more followers. But you might not get the target audience if you do it too often.

If you want to sell, you don’t really need to do giveaways. However, this strategy can work quite well if you only try to get Instagram followers quickly.

10. Create Instagram guides

Instagram guides are a new way of sharing with your followers educational and fun content.

The format is providing simple content, including valuable tips and recommendations.

You can add an introduction, title, text, headers, and even curate videos, images (which you published on your feed) in an IG guidepost.

You can develop a guide on:

  • A location: Review a city, a sports hall, an exotic site, etc.
  • A Product: Offer guidance on your Instagram shop products
  • A post: Organize a thread of your existing posts with titles and comments

To get started, click the plus symbol in the upper right corner of your Instagram profile, choose Guide, then tap the appropriate option.

How to increase Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000?

By creating an Instagram Guide, you can potentially acquire many new followers

Instagram allows users to share Guides in DM and stories. If you plan to post some high-quality Guides, people who see them will naturally share them on their social media community.

Because Instagram’s algorithm favors highly engaged posts, it might even appear in more people’s feeds if many people eventually share your guides.

Therefore, by creating an Instagram Guide, you can potentially acquire many new followers.

We understand that it’s tough to have hundreds or thousands of followers, especially those who are just getting started with Instagram.

However, think about a bright future when you succeed and make your Instagram famous on your own.

The feeling that having hundreds, thousands of fans, along with lucrative advertising contracts to help you earn extra income. Isn’t it great?

Soon, you will start getting motivated. Your confidence, your personal brand will gradually increase. And  you will have great opportunities to make money, if you know how to apply these 10 tips and take advantage of a great video marketing tool like Motionbear.

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