How to double your views with Tiktok videos?



You and I both have the same attitude; it’s not easy to create a Tiktok video that wins millions of viewers, right?

But it turns out that it’s not as difficult as you think.

Since all you have to do is follow the 5 tips presented shortly within this blog post to double the number of people watching your Tiktok videos.

Keep reading to discover what these 5 tips are.

Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok still has a vast potential to grow your online presence quickly.

According to Wyzowl, TikTok is currently 3rd in the global app download ranks. It’s been in one of the top 5 positions since September 2019.

Since the amount of high-quality videos is low, TikTok helps content creators become famous by improving their videos’ organic reach.

Making TikTok videos is not a tough challenge. While taking perfect Instagram photos can take your effort and equipment, you can totally produce a Tiktok video in minutes.

In fact, it’s easier to hit and get thousands of views on Tiktok than on other social platforms. However, if you don’t try hard enough, you can’t even achieve that easy fact.

What is the target audience on Tiktok?

Tiktok – a Chinese video platform, is slowly gaining its popularity. Thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses are already making good use of this organic accessibility tool.

Compared to over-saturated platforms like Facebook or Instagram, TikTok is fresh and a rising star.

Facebook started as a students’ platform.

And actually, every social media platform so far was first aimed at young generations until their parents, and older generations knew and joined Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If your target audience is >= 65-year-old women, TikTok may not be a good choice. But if you’re targeting Gen Z or millennials, investing in building a proper TikTok channel might bring you a surprising breakthrough.

In theory, similar to any other social platform, TikTok knows how the algorithm actually works and what content it prefers.

However, when a new video is first released on TikTok, it’s shown to a small group of viewers.

The more these viewers watch your video until the end and engage with it; the more others will see your videos.

However, if a Tiktok video doesn’t get engagement from the first user group, it won’t be visible to other viewers because the Tiktok algorithm rates it irrelevant.

There are some tips and tricks that can limit this failure.

Without leaving you waiting any longer, here are 12 tips to make your Tiktok videos stand out from the crowd.

1. Create high-quality, original short videos

One of the few features that all viral videos on TikTok have is high-quality.

A poor-quality video’s spread rate is close to zero, while a high-resolution video can spread widely and catch more views.

It’s understandable since users like interesting, neat content on all platforms, including TikTok. The first millisecond of your video may decide whether it gets a lot of views.

Smartphones these days have excellent recording and shooting capabilities. They can support you to make sure your Tiktok videos are all at high resolution.

However, be careful and remain light and sound quality if you decide to appear in your videos.

Authenticity is another factor that helps your video hit views.

Posting the same content as others won’t call more followers to your channel. You need to make you stand out on Tik Tok.

Whether it’s your fashion style videos, your acting or the comedy videos. As long as they’re authentic, they’re likely to have more views and followers.

For example, dancing videos are now on-trend in Tiktok. Even though you can post these types of videos from time to time, it’s not an ideal option if you’re trying to get new followers.

How to double your views with Tiktok videos

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

2. Upgrade filming equipment and improve your photography skills

You may notice that famous Tiktok users don’t record videos in a messy bedroom or a dark space with bad lighting conditions. Some people even use special equipment to boost their video perfection.

Since your friends aren’t always ready to help you (or their shooting skills might not be good), investing in a good tripod for video recording is a wise choice.

Buying a suitable lighting device is also not a bad idea, as it can brighten and make your video clearer to watch.

You should get an external microphone because smartphone cameras don’t have the best sound quality, and they often pick up the background noise.

Besides, if you don’t have proper daylight adjustment, or you like to shoot video at night, you should get a lighting tool or edit your video content so that it might fit the night scene.

Moreover, to create successful videos like popular Tiktok users, you need to learn basic photography skills (even if you’re only using a smartphone to record videos).

By spending on the essentials, you can start filming professional videos.

Make sure you get rid of all the distractions before filming. That means tidying up your room or moving to a quieter area.

You also need to keep the autofocus and exposure settings fixed on your camera phone. Otherwise, it continuously adjusts focus and lighting, causing your footage to look unprofessional.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

A lighting device will brighten and upgrade your video’s quality

3. Upload new videos frequently

If you don’t regularly post new content, how will people find you on Tiktok? While it’s not necessary to upload new videos daily, you need to develop a specific schedule.

Posting once a day or once a week is an excellent way to get started.

When people follow your account, they will see more content. If you don’t post anything within a few months, you will lose sizable followers on Tiktok.

A lighting device will brighten and upgrade your video’s quality. Photo on Google Image

Sticking to a posting schedule will remain your viewers

4. Create live streaming notifications

Just like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok allows its users to do Livestream videos.

Overall, Livestream is a great way to tighten interaction with your followers.

Besides strengthening your community, Livestream videos allow creators to answer viewers’ questions, share their knowledge and engage with viewers for a longer time.

This is a pretty good opportunity you can’t miss, as regular videos only last from 15 to 60 seconds.

Before going live, most content creators post on Facebook or Instagram, announcing that they will do Livestream on Tiktok. This will help them direct viewers from Facebook or Instagram accounts to the Tiktok channel.

Thanks to this interaction, you can maintain your performance with present viewers and gain new viewers because social network platforms prioritize active users.

When people click on your Tiktok account to watch your videos, your user credibility will significantly increase.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

Notification will direct viewers from Facebook or Instagram to your Tiktok channel

5. Learn from experts

Before creating your own video, you should once again browse the “For You” section. Some videos in “For You” have hundreds or thousands, even millions of likes.

Are you wondering what makes these videos so good? It might be users’ skills or unique qualities that make their videos famous.

Anyways, you should note down everything you can learn from them, along with special effects or props they apply, then use what you note to improve your videos’ performance.

But remember, don’t 100% imitate them because you will only be their 2nd version. Only learn their ideas, combine with yours to create videos made by yourself.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

Refer to other Tiktokers’ videos to find out what they’re doing

6. Share your videos to extend interaction

The next decisive action to boost your visibility and get more organic outreach on TikTok is sharing.

Whenever someone shares your TikTok video on other platforms, TikTok will reward your profile with more engagement.

Therefore, you’d better actively share your videos to other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook.

If Instagram and Facebook’s users click and watch your TikTok video, Tiktok’s algorithm will prioritize your account.

The more people share your video on other platforms or via direct messaging, the greater chance your video goes viral and reaches millions of people.

7. Optimize your profile

While building compelling videos, don’t forget to thoughtfully build up your profile as it helps to bring more followers, increasing your videos’ reach.

Design a beautiful profile picture (or video), clearly describe personal information, and connect links to other channels such as Instagram or YouTube to complete your profile and promote your Tiktok channel.

Take a look at the example Tiktok profile above. It’s quite well-designed when she states her name, expertise, a fun quote and a CTA, which is strong enough to turn on viewers’ feelings.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

A nice profile will make you look professional on Tiktok

8. Follow other users to attract more followers

Keeping an eye on other users is enough to expand your network. When you follow other users, it will prompt them to check your profile.

“Follow someone after they follow you” is an unspoken rule on the Internet. When you follow enough users, your followers will increase rapidly.

9. Catch up with trends and challenges

Every day, Tiktok presents new challenges.

While not all of this may suit your style, getting to know an overview of current trends and engaging in trends that matter to you is a great way to increase your existence, as challenging and trendy videos tend to reach large audiences.

Also, you should use trending songs and effects in your videos to advance entertainment.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

You should always be on-trend

10. Add hashtags to the right target audience

One of Tiktok’s incredible capabilities is that it can suggest hashtags based on the keywords you provide in your video.

You can choose to tag your target audiences, tag everything related to your video content, and tag 5 or 6 numbers of searches.

You should also tag trends as long as they are relevant to your content. Browse the trending hashtags on Tiktok and instantly attach them to your videos, which can speed your activities up to get more views.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

Don’t forget to add hashtags to reach the right audience

11. Collaborate with other users

As you can see, many Tiktokers are working together to make videos that get thousands of views.

When you work with another creator, you will expose to a whole new audience, they’re fans of the person you collaborate with.

Obviously, your video will have more people watching and sharing, and it’s a great chance to enlarge your audience, your community.

Start your collaboration by appearing regularly in each other’s videos, tagging each other’s names in your videos, or shooting a duet video.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

Do collaboration to expand your fans

12. Add subtitles for your Tiktok videos

As mentioned in previous articles, subtitles are essential factors that help your videos hit more views.

Subtitles attract the audience’s attention, including those with hearing disabilities. Subtitles are also a valuable tool to stand your video out. It shows how sympathetic you are to your audience.

All of these have a positive effect on the number of views your Tiktok videos get.

Tiktok has become a favorite platform that is familiar to millions of users worldwide. Tiktok doesn’t provide useful information only; they are also highly entertaining.

It will take time to have a famous Tiktok channel that has a bunch of followers and views. However, if you really invest your time; even if you may not reach thousands of views like other famous Tiktokers, you will definitely get better results.

You should invest in original videos to maintain long-term popularity

Adding subtitles to optimize your videos

So now, what are you waiting for but seriously applying the above 12 tips to improve your Tiktok’s videos? Take your time and draw a content outline that you believe can be a star, then follow the rest 11 advice to gradually develop your channel popularity.

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