How to create online conference transcriptions?



In the era of online learning and online conferences, teacher-student and teacher-parent are forced to get used to online calling applications.

Therefore, to effortlessly record everything during classes, or conferences, automatic transcriptions are a core element, making everything helpful more than ever.

Why is meeting automatic transcription important?

There are reasons why teachers should make use of transcriptions to improve their workflow.

  • To record what happens during parent-teacher conferences for future reflection or for legal purposes.
  • To create an outline from a lecture to improve teaching
  • To make group communication more effective
  • To make sure miss attendees can stay informed
  • To stay more focused on the meeting, not on taking notes. This remains your attention, and you don’t miss important details.

How can educators and teachers raise online communication?

Transcription is just one of the steps to make your online meeting a success. You need to do more than that.

Ask for consent

Meeting attendees should know that the conference will be recorded. You should ask for their permission, and give them an opportunity to leave if they don’t agree. You need to let people know how the recording will be used.

Check internet connection

To ensure a lag-free internet connection, you should use a wired network instead of a wireless one if possible. Pre-select a free video or call platform that everyone can use ahead of time.

Focus on body language

Try to keep a fresh attitude even if you attend 5 meetings a day. People join your meeting because they think it’s necessary, and they sense that it’s important to you too.

Sit up straight, make eye contact, and use a professional tone of voice. If you need to relax, ask permission to pause the meeting and turn off the microphone and cam.

Stick to the agenda

At the beginning of the meeting, you should let everyone know what to expect. If you don’t need attendees to turn on their mic or camera, let them know at the beginning. State the rules of who can talk and when, then follow them.

Make a question

People can be shy, or they hate conference calls. Get them involved by asking them pointed questions. For student-teacher meetings, provide positive feedback when they respond.

How to create a conference transcription using Motionbear

Motionbear is an online automatic transcription and subtitles software. Thanks to Motionbear, you’ll find it’s quicker and easier to record a conference.

1. First, click on “Sign in” to log in to Motionbear

How to create online conference transcriptions

How to create online conference transcriptions

2. After logging in, select “Transcription” because you are creating transcripts for this file

How to create online conference transcriptions

3. Choose “click to upload”, or “drag and drop a file” and wait some minutes to let Motionbear upload your file

How to create online conference transcriptions

How to create online conference transcriptions

4. Select spoken language in your file, then click “Continue”

How to create online conference transcriptions

5. Wait a few minutes for Motionbear to transcribe your file

How to create online conference transcriptions

6. This is your meeting transcription. You may need to make some minor changes before downloading this transcript to your computer.

How to create online conference transcriptions

7. Once you’ve made sure this transcript is correct, click “Download text” at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then choose to download this transcript as an SRT or TXT file. And it’s all done!

How to create online conference transcriptions

How to create online conference transcriptions

You will need to upgrade your account to the Pro plan to download the transcript file to your device. Refer to our pricing page to find more about Motionbear packages.

As online education is necessary, it’s easier to record and transcribe conferences or even a brief phone call. What you say in your meeting is up to you, but transcription services will help you get the full value of each meeting.

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