8 free background music websites for your videos



Music is the spice, making your videos more vivid and colourful. Sometimes people may not notice your content, but are attracted and curious about the background music you use in the video.

However, when uploading videos to Youtube, you can’t download music from any source because it might infringe copyright. Meanwhile, not everyone has enough money, or is willing to buy licenses for music they use in their videos.

But this won’t be a problem anymore, if you know of 8 FREE background music websites for your videos.

1. Youtube Audio Library

Everyone makes Youtube but doesn’t know about Youtube’s free music store? You can find a lot of catchy music, with many different styles in Youtube Audio Library.

Those tracks are free, allowing you to search by genre, track title, artist, duration, etc. In addition, you can also “star” your favourite track to save for later use.

8 free background music websites for your videos

Youtube Audio Library

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is famous not only for its catchy music but also for its FREE license.

When you visit Jamendo’s website, you will see two sections pop up: Jamendo Music – listening to free music, and Jamendo Licensing – offering free music for commercial use.

Jamendo is unique because it contains thousands of tracks of different styles, and it’s also the only platform built specifically for marketers and advertisers. You can search for the track you need based on: the type of project you are creating (software, advertising, etc.); and the platform you are using for your project (Facebook, Youtube, etc.).

However, not all tracks on Jamendo are free. You may end up paying around $50 to buy some tracks. So, make sure you read any track’s rules carefully before downloading.

8 free background music websites for your videos


3. Bensound

It will be a shortcoming if we don’t mention Bensound in this list, a music site that provides free music of all genres. Its impressive homepage, full of song titles with eye-catching thumbnails, will interest anyone looking for free background music. Bensound is also a diverse music store, including pop, jazz, rock, urban to electronic, etc.

With 300 tracks available on Bensound, there are about 80 free tracks. Of course, you can use them as background music for videos posted on any platform, as long as you credit Bensound.com.

Also, another cool feature of Bensound is that it allows you to remix tracks and use them to create a whole new song.

8 free background music websites for your videos


4. Soundcloud

Soundcloud – an online music platform that is so popular with many people. Besides its music feature, Soundcloud is also a big music store allowing you to download and use music for free in your videos.

Soundcloud allows users to find music according to 3 options, including:

  • To modify commercially
  • To use commercially
  • To share

You only need to apply the filter “To use commercially” and start searching for tracks you love. Music on Soundcloud is divided into different genres such as rock, pop, etc.

Note, each track on Soundcloud has its own rules mentioned by the creator. You need to read and follow those rules carefully before downloading.

8 free background music websites for your videos


5. Freeplay Music

Another site to quench your thirst for music is Freeplay Music. With more than 50,000 free tracks, you can choose any music piece for your Youtube or Facebook videos.

Once you have found the track you need based on Scene, Genre, Mood, click on the cart icon at the right of the music file, you will immediately be redirected to the login with Google Account site. After logging in, you can download your favourite track.

8 free background music websites for your videos

Freeplay Music

6. Free Music Archive

If you’re looking for a legit, high-quality soundtrack library, then FMA will definitely match your criteria. All music on this website is downloaded directly from WFMU – a famous freeform radio station in America.

You can find music on FMA classified by different genres. There are a total of 16 genres to choose from, including electronic, hip hop, pop, folk, etc. Each genre has sub categories listed so you can select the exact music you’re looking for.

FMA offers more than 1,500 public domain tracks, and thousands of other tracks under Creative Commons licenses, having various genres. Some music on FMA is for personal use only.

Therefore, before downloading any track on FMA, you need to read its license carefully. Click on the track; you will find more information and rules for using the track on the opened page.

8 free background music websites for your videos

Free Music Archive

7. Incompetech

With around 2,000 tracks, you’re sure to find something to suit your video in Incompetech. Importantly, all of this site’s tracks are free to use. You only need to credit the musician and link back to the site.

Like other music sites, Incompetech allows users to search for music by Mood (angry/aggressive, epic/powerful, funny/quirky, etc.), instrument, tempo, length, etc.

When you choose a track, the site will give you the full attribution you need, just copy and paste, and you’re done.

8 free background music websites for your videos


8. ccMixter

At ccMixter you can find a collection of free music, curated for commercial use under Creative Commons. And of course, you will get to use these for videos, remixes, games, apps.

All ccMixter requires from the user is a credit to the musician or artist. Then, you can enjoy browsing all soundtracks and find the best one for your project, based on ccMixter’s filtering features, including “free for commercial use” and “royalty-free ccPlus license.” In addition, you can make donations to help the website maintain free music for everyone.

8 free background music websites for your videos


Here are 8 websites allowing you to download free background music. If you’re satisfied with every edit you’ve made to your video, then pick a great soundtrack from these 8 websites above, and don’t forget to translate your videos into different languages to impress and widen your audience.

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