7 things no one will tell you about sharing a Youtube channel with someone else?



Doing Youtube is currently becoming a general trend. This is even more popular in the Covid 19 pandemic because people want to have a passive income.

Besides individuals setting up their channels, some invite their friends to collaborate for reasons. However, based on my experience, you should consider caveats before deciding to share a Youtube channel with others.

What are they? How do they impact your channel? Let’s find out through this article.

Some advantages of sharing a Youtube channel

Sharing a Youtube channel with another has some benefits that can strongly motivate you.

1. Self-motivated

In the early stages of building a new channel, poor views and subscribers might de-motivate you to keep trying, so collaborating with another person will prevent you from staying down every time you are lazy, and vice versa.

7 things no one will tell you about sharing a Youtube channel with someone else?

Collaborating with another person will prevent you from staying down

2. There are memorable moments

Working together on the same Youtube channel, you will have a lot of time discussing and talking. It can be moments of joy when sharing a crazy idea or tense minutes when you two don’t find a common voice.

In short, you and your partner may have so many memorable times that solo YouTubers can never experience.

My best friend and I had a very happy time brainstorming new ideas, or sitting back and watching the clips we shot.

7 things no one will tell you about sharing a Youtube channel with someone else?

Working together on the same Youtube channel is fun

3. Two is better than one

Two is always better than one. Instead of one person thinking and building scripts and creating new ideas, two persons with various ideas would be better, wouldn’t it? When one feels tired and out of ideas, the other can help fill it up.

Moreover, when you do Youtube alone without anyone’s help, you have to do everything from picking up shooting angles, setting up the background, camera, recording, editing video to making thumbnails, writing descriptions, researching competitors, etc.

But if you work with your friends, the two can share work to lessen the burden.

Not to mention, by sharing a Youtube channel, your partner may help you recognize and promptly fix problems that you don’t even know about before.

I have to thank my friend because she helped me realize how bad I was at dressing up for the video.

Some disadvantages of sharing a Youtube channel

Besides the advantages, you may face these problems when doing the same Youtube channel.

1. Reconcile two persons’ perspectives

Working together means that all decisions made related to the channel must have a consensus from the parties, following the opinions and orientations of the channel.

This means each side must lower their egos to find a common voice. It sounds easy, but sometimes you find it’s hard.

I used to have a YouTube channel with my best friend. It worked fine at first, but when we started writing the 1st script, problems rose.

I wanted to do this in the video, but my friend wanted to do that. Both she and I had our views to defend, and neither of us wanted to give in. So, we kept arguing all day and felt pretty tired.

If you are sharing a Youtube channel with another person and encounter a similar case, I advise that one of two should step back and lower your ego to ease the barrier.

It would be better to blend ideas from both of you to come up with a common idea.

For example, you are shooting a fashion video. While your friend wants to put on a suit and walk around in front of the camera without saying anything, you want to record a few sentences to introduce the suit. To please both of you, you guys can flexibly shoot the first scene as your suggestion and the second scene as your friend’s suggestion.

2. Limit conflicts of interest

Ok, everything seems pretty good until the conflicts of interest break out. Pretend that you set up a branding Youtube channel, its views and subscribers grow, some brands contact to hire you to advertise their products, services.

Here the problem is! Money and interests are very sensitive, so you should agree on this issue right from the first steps of setting up a channel to prevent conflicts from affecting long-term cooperation.

What do you do if some brands need only one of you to appear in their advertising video? How do you share payment with your partner? You will split it 60-40, 70-30, or nothing?

This is a difficult decision. The two of you need to sit down and have a clear conversation to find a solution. Both sides should frankly express their views to have the most suitable common denominator to be fair on money matters.

Don’t be shy, Don’t seem to all agree with your partner’s suggestions, but feel inhibited, uncomfortable and inadequate inside. Don’t let the conflict escalate.

7 things no one will tell you about sharing a Youtube channel with someone else?

Be fair on money matters

3. Struggling with the Devil of jealousy

Jealousy exists in everyone. It can explode at any time if we don’t know how to control ourselves.

This may be a common problem among girls. Are you sure you don’t feel hurt or jealous when you see your partner has more fans than you or is more popular with brands than you?

It’s tough to say no, and we can’t quell that jealousy by saying to ourselves “stop.”

However, you can try to moderate it by thinking about your channel only. If your partner’s popularity is good for the channel growth, you should be happy and appreciate it. You are working together, and you need to develop and draw the most effective path to your channel.

If you feel you are being held back, or your contribution doesn’t seem to contribute any value to the development of the channel, you should talk to your partner to find a way.

If you two still can’t fix the problem, it’s time to consider whether you should continue collaborating.

If you let jealousy invade your mind, you probably can’t cooperate with your friend for long.

4. Ignore the detractors

Working together on a Youtube channel, sometimes you guys will inevitably be ridiculed by gossip like: “I think X is worse than you”, or “you should separate and do channel”, or “You guys aren’t doing well on everything, blah blah.”

If you want to work together, ignore all judgments and appreciate objective comments only, and don’t mind malicious criticisms because it doesn’t benefit your channel.

Sharing a Youtube channel with another, there’s nothing much talking about if you guys just do it for fun, for passion. But if you plan to build a Youtube channel to make money in the long run, there will be many issues that you need to take care of, typically the 4 that I’ve just mentioned above.

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