6 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro



Youtube is a competitive market. This isn’t wrong, but it doesn’t mean you can’t own a million-view YouTube channel.

Besides content and SEO – the two main factors for a successful Youtube channel; there are must-have tools that help you generate a more vivid, unique, interesting, and engaging subtitled video.

Here are 6 vital video making tools that both new Youtubers and unsuccessful Youtubers need.

1. Imovie

After recording your video, you have to edit it. You can’t upload the whole raw uncut video to Youtube.

And here Imovie is – a free video editor software available on MacBook released by Apple. Imovie has 2 main purposes: editing movies and creating trailers.

It allows users to add effects, available transitions, text, and voice-over. With only a few simple steps, you can create a clean and quite welcome interface video.

However, Imovie has limited editing features and non-customizable interface; so if you want more advanced editing functions, Imovie is not the perfect choice to go.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro


2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a series of non-linear video editing software programs, running on Mac but being better and more advanced than Imovie.

This software can deeply intervene in each frame to create advanced edits that give you sophisticated videos.

Most Apple devices from Macbook to MacPro can download and use Final Cut Pro. However, your device should have a free internal storage space of 2.9Gb or more.

In addition, with a weak configuration Macbook line like Macbook Air, Final cut Pro can’t bear the best editing experience. Final Cut Pro’s latest version is currently around $299.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro

Final Cut Pro

3. Canva

When making Youtube videos, thumbnails are the first visual element that grabs viewers’ attention. So, a beautiful, eye-catching thumbnail will make your audience curious to click on your video.

If you are not a professional graphic designer or don’t know how to use Photoshop or AI, then Canva – an online graphic design platform was born for you.

Canva can help you design almost everything you need, from thumbnails, intro videos, to Youtube videos and images dedicated to all social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Canva has tons of different templates, elements, and text styles to explore. The Free version of Canva already contains a lot of unique ideas, but if you use the Pro one, you will experience many other great and refined features, with more advanced and catchy templates.

In short, Canva is an indispensable tool for non-tech-savvy Youtubers.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro


4. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is a famous keyword research website that’s valuable to every Youtuber. SEO is a crucial factor in helping your videos rank higher on Youtube and accessible to a broader audience.

Therefore, keyword research is an essential step to improve your videos’ quality. At Keywordtool.io, you can search thousands of keywords suggestions for actual user queries.

Thanks to those keywords, you can develop videos that catch up with the latest trends and users’ favourite topics.

Based on those top keywords related to the topic you’re doing, you can put them in the video title and description to boost your video SEO score.

In addition to Keywordtool.io, you can use Keyword Planner, Ahref, Google trends to see users’ interest topics.

This is a free tool supported by Youtube, allowing you to manage your Youtube channel comprehensively, and research your competitors’ channels to have practical video content orientation.

Tubebuddy helps you find tags, track keyword rankings, score SEO, etc. With Tubebuddy Pro version, there are many other stunning and helpful features to explore.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro


5. Tags for Youtuber

Tags for Youtuber is a smartphone application that allows YouTubers to search for any Youtube video’s tags. You can apply top videos’ tags with the same topic as yours to win more views and enhance your video’s SEO score.

Using Tag for Youtuber is very simple. You only need to copy your competitor’s video link, paste that link to Tag for Youtuber’s search bar to see all tags used in that video.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro

Tags for Youtuber

6. Motionbear.io

If you plan to promote your Youtube channel to foreign markets, not only in your country, translating videos into different languages ​​is necessary.

And Motionbear.io – a free video subtitle software can help you do this. Motionbear.io can translate your videos into more than 30 different languages ​​in just a few minutes, allowing your videos to reach a wider audience from nations.

Each action on Motionbear.io is quite fast and straightforward, and your video quality is entirely unaffected after you download the translated version.

7 tools that help you make killer videos like a pro


Video editing is a time-consuming process; therefore, adopting solid tools will make this final job easy, hone your video to a sharp point.

To guarantee every video’s quality, I recommend you apply 7 tools listed above to satisfy your target audience visually.

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