40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?



After watching Vlogs reaching hundreds of thousands of views, reading inspirational articles about making Vlog, you start to rekindle and raise plans to create your Vlog channel.

However, problems arise when you don’t know what to do, what to talk about to get people’s attention.

You slow down your excitement and get a little discouraged.

Don’t give up your plan so soon, as advised in the previous post; you can consult the other famous Vloggers to find ideas.

Or else, read the 46 topics below to know what content you can try to enrich your Vlog channel.

You want to start vlogging, but where do you start? What should your first Vlog be about? Here are a few ideas that will help all new vloggers get started.

Your first Vlogs

You want to start vlogging, but what should you do? How about your first Vlog? Here are a number of ideas that help you a hand.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

1. Say “hello” to your audience

Start with an introductory video if this is your first vlog ever! Say a little about yourself to your (potential) viewers. What you do, what the vlogging channel aims to do, and what you want to achieve.

You are still a complete newbie for your viewers on the internet. That’s why you must tell them who you are before they find your vlogs are interesting enough to subscribe.

2. Reasons you want to Vlog

Everything happens for a reason. There must be reasons why you want to do Vlog, and this is a great time to explain your decision to start your channel.

You might want to become famous, or you want to share with everyone helpful advice, etc.

The following Vlog is an excellent chance to capture and share memories of your life, especially when you’re unsure what to talk about.

3. Your future Vlog plans

Tell your viewers where your channel is going to do in the future. How often do you expect to upload and achieve with your channel? What type of videos will you upload? Etc.

4. Overcome struggles

We are all facing, or we successfully handled our struggles.

Mentioning how you defeat these challenges is a great way to connect with your audience as a human. Try them out and see what reaction people have.

Personal life

Vlogging is personal, but it’s also possible to focus on particular topics such as beauty, fitness, or music. These vlog ideas target what your audience can learn more about you.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

5. Share your objectives

What are your life objectives? What are you aiming to get in your career? Where do you want to travel or live? What do you hope to achieve?

We’ve got stuff that we all aim for, and they tell us a lot.

6. Your bucket list

The bucket list is a list of certain things we want to do. Many people have their lists to direct their lives easier. What about you? What’s yours?

You can share with viewers your list and ask them back about their bucket list.

7. A tour around your room or house

Your viewers usually only see one camera angle, and they can’t see the rest of your room or house.

As they are pretty curious, why don’t you spend a Vlog showing everyone your room or house? This will bring you and your audience closer.

You can also create a video showing your setup or devices you use in the production process if you run a game or technology-related channel.

8. Your morning and night activities

How are you preparing for work or school in the morning? Or what do you wind down at night before you go to bed?

We all have our habits. It’s fun to tell people about it and to learn about others as well.

9. One particular day

Your vlogs compile your highlights most of the time, but why don’t you record your full-day once?

Try to capture as much footage as you can from the time you wake up. This gives your audience a deeper insight into how a typical day in your life is, as they never see that in your vlogs.

10. Drawings of my life

Drawings of my life is a video in which you tell your life story by drawing it.

You don’t need to be good at drawing. The drawings are only illustrations to make your vlog more fun and entertaining to watch.

It’s easier if you have a small whiteboard with non-permanent markers. But you can also draw your life in your vlog with only a pen and paper.

11. Fun fact about you

Create a list of interesting and surprising facts about you, which you pick to tell your viewers.

For example, you can share what food you are allergic to, what bad/good habits you usually do, etc.

12. Tell your audience a story

One of the easiest to love things is sharing an incredible, funny, frightening, and interesting moment you experienced.

They might be anything such as the first time you meet your best friend, or the first time you travel alone, or how you overcome your first tragedy in your life, etc.

Consult your parents, siblings, or friends if you have no idea. Who knows, they can come up with several funny stories.

13. A rant vlog

You can also talk about a subject you are intensely interested in, such as sport, hobbies, school or anything else.

14. Your top [number] favorite [topics]

Create a video of your favorite activities, films, music, or anything. The best way is to make a top five or top ten videos to explain why you like these films, music, products, etc.

For example, you can talk about your top 5 favorite movies or tv dramas.

15. Your less favorite things

That’s contrary to your previous vlog concept. Instead of mentioning your favorite things, you can talk about the opposite of things you don’t like.

For example, which are the worst films or television series you ever see? Why are they so bad? Why are they so dull?

16. Share your skill or talent

Make a video about your unique talent or your astonishing ability. Remember, it doesn’t have to be unique.

Singing, playing an instrument, or drawing a funny picture is a good start.

17. Behind the scenes

Your audience usually sees your complete vlog version, but they don’t know how much work a video does. So, making a behind-the-scenes vlog is such an interesting new thing for your audience.

18. Event coverage

If you go to a cool event such as a concert, a football match, or a festival, take your camera, record that event, and share it with your audience.

Amusing vlogs

Consider these if you’re looking for ideas to make your viewers laugh!

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

19. Prank vlogs

Pranks are always good on YouTube and tend to get plenty of views and subscribers.

You can search on Youtube to see prank videos with many likes and comments on Youtube.

Just remain the pranks fun for all involved.

20. Challenges

Challenges are another great way to enhance your Vlog channel. They’re fast and easy to capture; they only take little time but firmly hook your viewers’ feelings.

You can refer to some YouTube challenges to ignite your ideas.

21. Reaction videos

Vlogs responding to “something” are always well received and can be funny to watch on YouTube.

You can record a vlog of you watching, then reacting to some old videos, your Youtube comments, tweets you receive, funny or scary videos.

22. Parody

While it’s hard to get right, a parody of a movie, music clip, or video from famous people can be a fun choice.

If your vlog is popular then, it will gain a lot of new subscribers.

Vlogs of information

“You can learn new things from anyone you meet.”

Vlogging is an excellent way to share and learn new information. Tell the world about your new knowledge that you learn from people you meet.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

23. “How to..” Vlogs

“Everyone needs good advice.”

That’s why you should create some “how to” and tutorial vlogs to share helpful knowledge with viewers if you’re expertise in certain subjects.

It also works particularly well if your Vlog channel targets a certain niche.

Most people search on YouTube if they need assistance with something. This means they will tend to use one of your “how-to” videos to figure out their problems.

24. Review something

We all watch television series, movies, listen to music, play games, read books, and buy new products and services. To find the best ones, they might need someone to review them.

Share with your audience your feedback on all these things. What you like and don’t like about them.

25. Explain a subject or concept

You can talk about a particular subject/concept you know based on your working time, your school, or your hobbies.

Viewers who don’t know about them will surely need your sharings.

Vlogs of Travel

Travel is a fascinating subject you can exploit to make a lot of cool vlogs. Here are some ideas you should consider.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

26. Discover my bag

What do you bring on your trip? You can tell your viewers where you will go, how long you will stay, and explain why you bring those things.

27. Talk about your next or previous trip

Where do you plan to go next and why? Or where did you go?

You can make a vlog sharing your next and previous trip with your audience or tell them whether your last trip lived up to your expectations.

28. Talk about your budget

Even though most people don’t like to talk about money, it’s a very interesting subject to hear from others.

Your travel budget may be expensive or cheap, depending on where you go. So, you can share your experience with your audience to give them helpful tips for their next travels.

29. Dos and don’ts when traveling

You probably know one or two things about what you should and shouldn’t do if you have traveled a lot.

What kind of packaging tips could you give to your audience? How are you getting ready for long flights? Share with your viewers all of these, they’re pretty essential for traveling.

30. Your travel story

Everyone has a travel story, and you probably have several from your previous trips.

You can talk about funny, exciting, or frightening memories that happened on your trip.

Vlogs about fitness

If you want to help people to stay fit, here are some Vlog fitness ideas.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

31. Show your workout

Take your audience with you when you work out. Show them your fitness or yoga routine so they can follow.

32. Your meal a day

Nutrition is a vital component of fitness. Share with your viewers what you eat on a regular day to keep you healthy. Appeal to them to follow you.

33. How to do X

Sport beginners have to learn a lot. But you can teach them by showing them how to do specific exercises or how to warm up before working out to prevent injuries.

34. Transformation video

Losing fat or gaining muscle are good ideas to make Vlogs.

You can share with your audience why you decided to transform, how you did it, and how it affected you.

This is a kind of motivational Vlogs that can help people stay determined with their exercise goals.

Relationship Vlog ideas

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s fun to include them on your Vlog. It enriches your Vlogs as well.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

35. How we’re getting together

Every relationship had its start. How did your relationship begin? Did it start in a romantic, funny, or awkward manner?

You can talk about it in your Vlog as a way to stay connected with your viewers.

36. Relationships advice

Make a video on how you handled your relationship. If both you and your partner overcome tough times, perhaps your experience can help other couples encountering the same problem.

37. How my boyfriend does my makeup

Most guys don’t know about makeup, so this can be a cool idea to make a funny Vlog.

38. Youtube challenge

YouTube challenges tend to be funny, but they can be even more entertaining if you do it with your partner.

Family & friends Vlogs

Engaging your friends and family in your videos is an excellent way of making funny vlogs.

It’s also much more manageable than making vlogs on your own.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

39. Siblings or parent questions

Make a list of questions about your sibling (s) or family members and record Vlogs to answer these questions with your sibling (s) or family members.

Or, you can answer these questions with friends if you don’t have any siblings.

You can ask them what they like/dislike. What their dream is. What would they describe you in one word?

40. How you met your friends

We have relationships, siblings/parents. Now it’s time for friends. Viewers might wonder about your friends as well, so tell them how you met your friends. Was that because you guys lived on the same street? How did you feel about each other initially?

41. Quiz

You can also make a questionnaire if you want to include someone else in your vlogs.

You can refer to online tests or think about your quizzes.

Quizzes are also great ways to get your partner, your friends, or your family involved.

Collaborate with others

There are a bunch of ways to get other people to participate in your Vlogs. Take a look at some ideas below.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

42. Q&A Vlog

If you have no idea about new videos, asking and answering videos might be an option.

Your audience can comment on your Youtube channel or social media sites to ask you questions, and you spend a video to answer them all.

This is also an excellent way to interact and connect with your audience.

43. Your viewers’ ideas

It’s good news if your audience actively comments on your social media sites and your Vlog channel to interact with you by saying that they like or dislike your Vlog, what they want to see in your next Vlog, etc.

Listen to this feedback because they tell you how to get viewers to keep watching your Vlogs.

It’s even better if you include their feedback in your videos. It shows how seriously you appreciate and respect your audience’s thoughts.

44. Giveaway Vlog

Another good way to stay connected with your audience is giving them a gift after they correctly answer your questions.

You can better understand your audience through those kinds of Vlog concepts.

45. Collab with another Vlogger

Collaborating with another Vlogger is not only fun; it can also lead to many new subscribers since both of you can promote to each other.

Make sure you find a Vlogger who targets the same audience and has the same number of subscribers.

It’s unlikely that you can work with someone who has one million subscribers channel, whereas yours only has a hundred.

Trending Vlogs

Like fashion and gadgets, Vlogs have trends too.

It’s essential to catch up with trends because you can take part in and apply them to your Vlogs.

40++ Vlog ideas for beginners, have you tried?

46. Look at other channels

Referring to what other Vloggers are doing is a great way to know what people like at the moment.

You should look at recommended videos or watch similar channels to see whether you can use them for your next Vlogs.

Motionbear‘s reviewed the best 46 Vlog ideas that help you start your Vlog channel. Are they interesting enough to make your channel attract hundreds and millions of viewers?

Get started with the first idea, then turn to the rest ideas listed in this article. Surely they are enormous resources to help you become an influential Vlogger.

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