10 little-known ways to be a famous Youtube influencer



You love making up, and have a solid knowledge of cosmetics to share with everyone.

You like fashion, have a bunch of creative ways to mix-match clothes and you want to share it widely.

To do that, you plan to build a Youtube channel, turn these ideas into engaging videos. And in the future, you target yourself to become a well-known YouTube influencer.

Youtube Influencer today is no longer a new career, and it’s one of the attractive income professions at the moment. However, becoming a professional YouTube influencer is not as easy as you think.

The following article will help you prepare a good foundation to smooth the road of becoming a famous YouTube influencer for those looking to pursue this path.

What’s a Youtube influencer?

A YouTube influencer is a content designer that has established an extensive following on the video platform.

They may develop trends and provide information for others, for example, who wants to buy a particular product or service.

YouTubers might be anyone from famous artists, make-up artists to fashion icons. YouTube videos allow influencers to share their skills, make them open to a broad audience, and even make a living through their video content in some cases.

How to be famous on Youtube?

There is more than a way to make a YouTuber famous. There are a few steps that will help you on the journey to success:

Think of what you want to achieve

You have to walk before you run, as the old saying goes. Or think smarter, not harder. In the first step, you should apply both.

You need to know what you hope to get when building popularity on YouTube before you do anything. This helps you decide which video content you would like to create, and defines the audience you are aiming to.

Setting a tangible direction and purpose for your content will create a base to build an audience who wants to bookmark, subscribe to, and share your videos with their friends and networks.

Emphasizing both valuable and entertaining content to your audience will help improve your viewership. Thanks to that, your followers will want to see you, and trust your channel as a useful source of information and education.

Develop the objectives and content for your channel

The most fun part of the process is to develop your content. However, It’s not an easy task to define your channel’s voice.

You must ensure that your voice you stick to aligns with the content you build. Be yourself is the easiest (and perhaps the best) way to develop your channel.

What if your contents are informative and engaging, but you’re not the most interesting person on this side of the Mississippi?

If that is true of you, then adding pep to your videos and showing your personality to the camera doesn’t make any mistake. Just note that the line between ‘pep’ and being rude is thin.

Now, you feel comfortable with your camera, it’s time to choose the content on your channel that you will broadcast.

How-to videos, comedy, product reviews, unboxing videos. These are popular YouTube content styles, but when it comes to determining the topic that fits your channel and who you are, the choices are endless.

However, when your subject is selected, you need to analyze the content style to find out how to make your videos unique with your voice and your personality.

You can also want some flexibility to cover trend topics in your channel, depending on your niche and content.

Don’t hesitate to follow the trend if a major news story breaks and you see other Youtubers talking about it. Keeping your channel relevant is essential.

There is an inherent opportunity to add valuable input to the conversation even when you cover the same topics.

10 little-known ways to be a famous Youtube influencer

You should determine what your channel is about

Keep your channel consistent

It can’t be overemphasized the significance of this factor. Recent reports show that YouTubers who post more than once a week do better than ones who post less. These people also receive much better-recommended views as well.

Channels that post often engage their viewers deeper and gain much greater visibility and viewing on YouTube.

It’s recommended that creators post three or more times a week to YouTube. This is especially important when you just start and try to build an audience.

A strong content cadence with multiple posts per week can increase the viewing of your channel by stimulating the algorithm.

Creating an abundance of content on relevant subjects at the beginning will help the algorithm perform well.

It also creates a content library that essentially refers viewers from one video to another, enhances your viewing time, and gives your viewers an incentive to subscribe.

Make a new contribution

You have to know that you can’t build a channel on yourself just like your favorite prominent YouTubers have when selecting a niche on YouTube.

There are too many personalities, whereas the platform is too saddled with appearing and generating viewing.

Your personality is what makes people stay with your channel, but that’s not what will make them appear in the first place. You should always be aware of incentivizing your viewers as the top priority.

Just ask yourself, “Why should anyone watch my channel instead of another famous YouTuber?” Providing your audience something fresh and unique is the ultimate factor in creating momentum and views.

To attract them to your content, you need something that can attract viewers.

It must be something they want, and you must also have an attractive thumbnail to get your attention.

It’s not entirely untrue to mention the old saying, “If you build, they’ll come.” But once they are there, something wildly interesting, fun, and different about your channel is necessary to keep your audience’s attention.

10 little-known ways to be a famous Youtube influencer

To attract them to your content, you need something that can attract viewers

Build your YouTube channel’s social presence

It sounds like a specific element, but it’s often underused by creators who build their audience, especially in the early stages of the Youtube channel.

Simply speaking, on all social networks relevant to your audience, you must create social media pages and your YouTube channels’ profiles.

Of course, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the major players and will definitely support your YouTube networks.

10 little-known ways to be a famous Youtube influencer

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the major players that support your YouTube networks

However, Snapchat, Periscope, and other social platforms may also be included in this list, depending on your audience.

Look at your niche to find out what networks are most applicable to grow your audience, and see where other creators in your niche are developing their social presence.

Creating a YouTube channel’s social page(s) on each platform, and filling all the fields available to your full potential is an excellent start to extend your online reach.

You can do this by inserting links to your Youtube channel, playlist, and your official blog.

You are also legitimized with fans and potential intrigues from prospective viewers if you provide descriptive and informative information about your bios. Don’t just leave your social media page there, after you create them.

Social media means social, and you can better promote your YouTube channel and social media accounts if you’re focused on engaging with your audience on these platforms.

Call to actions (CTAs) that encourage your audience to leave their comments in your video content should also be fixed.

10 little-known ways to be a famous Youtube influencer

Call to actions (CTAs) will encourage your audience to leave their comments

To keep your conversation going with your audience, you should check back your videos often and reply to the audience’s comments.

Engaged audience members are much more likely to follow and connect with you if you start conversations with them.

You should also keep up with what your supporters say on social media.

Keep your eyes on your notifications and take note if you see your audience mention your page in a comment or on their pages.

Be careful of what the comments say. It reflects your audience’s feelings about your content.

If possible, you should respond to comments and posts about your channel, show them you appreciate their opinions, and evaluate their comments as outstanding contributions to help you create good video content.

Create a channel and a YouTube account

You need to create a YouTube account and channel before you upload any video.

When it comes to becoming a Youtube influencer, your channel name is incredibly important—it must be memorable and consistent with your brand.

It should also be straightforward: You should search your name on YouTube, so that nothing is too complex or much like other popular users.

Identify your online brand

Heidi Dean, a social media expert, says that creators often make a mistake of seeking to call everybody – but end up with excessive videos that don’t appeal to anyone.

She suggests you narrow down your audience and conduct research on YouTube to see videos that are already good and interest you.

“Think hard about who you are aiming to when creating videos. Are they TV actors, fans of Harry Potter, or lovers of horror movies? Make it specific.” Your content should reflect your skills and brand.

Start to make the first video

You’re going to need some equipment to shoot, but don’t worry about the costliest cameras and microphones out there.

Professional video tools and equipment may not be needed, depending on your content style. Many famous YouTubers are now getting video shots on their smartphones.

However, you may require a greater series of film equipment than your smartphone if you are looking to create a film-specific project.

Attract your first subscribers

While the content itself is a major part of getting your first followers, YouTube has ways to help develop your audience.

Creating a trailer for your channel that will play automatically when a non-subscriber visits your channel, or filling out “About” section on your profile are two helpful ways to raise your audience.

Make sure that your videos have interesting video thumbnails. “No one wants to click on it (and obviously never subscribe) if your thumbnail is too boring,” – Dean.

Read more >> 13 things you can do to create an appealing Youtube thumbnail

Have basic knowledge about Youtube’s algorithm

As a creator, you must know to get success; it depends mainly on how easy people can find your videos online.

The critical factors are things, which determine how well your videos perform in the Youtube ranking algorithm – should you refer to factors such as the number of comments, views, likes, and the length and resolution of the video.

By improving your ranking, you can reach the top of the YouTube algorithm and get more organic views.

How to promote my channel?

You will need to use tools on and off the platform to promote your YouTube channel.

YouTube helps you to create playlists, trailers and provides analytics so you can see how your content is growing.

Don’t forget the power to promote your YouTube channel by driving traffic and subscribers from other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Once build your channel and figure out your niche, Heidi Dean, social media expert recommends several ways to promote your YouTube videos:

Create an autoplay trailer for those who are not already signed up for your channel. “The trailers should be short, exciting, and end with a call to action to subscribe,” Dean says.

Think of titles that people are going to type into YouTube for content searching. “Pro tip: Only 45 first characters are viewable in search,” Dean says.

Thumbnails are also a valuable video promotional tool. They are “a mini-poster for your video,” Dean recommends using “bright, high-resolution, compelling video thumbnails” to attract the audience to watch your video.

To understand your viewers’ habits, use YouTube’s audience retention graphs in YouTube Analytics. “People can click off your video simultaneously,” said Dean. “Either your introduction or your video is too long can make people leave after five minutes watching.”

Create your YouTube videos with branded watermarks to allow viewers to subscribe with one click.

Add a subscription link – an automated pop-up on YouTube that will allow viewers to subscribe. Dean calls it “the secret sauce for growing subscribers.”

Although the above tips and experiences cannot guarantee you will become a famous Youtube influencer. However, they are the stepping stones that give you a solid foundation, making it easier for you to succeed on this competitive platform.

Be ready to be creative, and don’t give up halfway, but continually improve yourself to achieve the expected results.

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